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All workshops take place at
The Historic Hoover Theater,
1635 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA
on April 6, 2024

Workshop Instructors


Workshop Pricing

Advanced Registration:
Guild Members - $29 per workshop
Non-members - $36 per workshop

At the Door:
Guild Members - $35 per workshop
Non-members - $42 per workshop


Nefabit is a lifelong lover of dance who hails from Spokane, Washington. A second-generation dancer, she has studied belly dance with her mother Delilah Ra, as well as classical and cultural dance forms from an early age. Nefabit performs and teaches throughout the US and Canada, and has become known for a powerful, maximalist style. She works full-time at her studio, Northwest Bellydance Academy, and directs the professional troupe, Northwest Bellydance Company. She has won several prestigious national and international titles, including Bellydancer of the Universe 2021, and Bellydancer USA 2022. In 2021 she began touring with Bellydance Evolution, first as the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, and then joining the ensemble cast of the professional show, The Jungle Book

Her greatest passion is to share her love of dance with as many people as possible and is grateful for every opportunity to do so.


Filigree – Fine technique and intricate combinations

In this workshop, dancers will explore precise muscle articulation to produce intricate isolations. We will add nuance, ornamentation and detail to your repertoire, as well as fine-tune base movements for clarity and precision.

Flourish – Grand, maximalist technique and combinations 

This workshop focuses on dynamic, powerful technique and embellishment. We will explore full-body modality and extroverted, explosive steps and combinations to take up the stage in Nefabit's signature maximalist style. 

REGISTER HERE for Nefabit's workshops! 

Sadira Lady Liquid

Sadira Lady Liquid (she/they) is a fusion belly dancer based in Oakland, California. They perform solo in the SF Bay Area and up and down the West Coast. Sadira is a core member of the dance company for Beats Antique and also dances with such bands as Americano Social Club, Inspector Gadje, and Axon Orchestra, to name a few. 

Lady Liquid's background consists of a bachelor's degree in Theatrical Arts, completed certificates in yoga and Thai massage, and several dance schools: Zoe Jakes’ Dance Craft, Rachel Brice's 8 elements, and Amy Sigil's Improve Team Sync are a few from the top of the list.  Sadira has been gracing stages for 25+ years.


Command Your Stage

Keep your audience on the edge of their seats...even after you leave the stage!

In this workshop, you'll learn tried-and-true Lady Liquid secrets to encapsulate your audience. We will discuss preparation rituals, how to conquer imposter syndrome, how to unwrap what you uniquely bring to the stage, and best practices for solid performances. Always leave them wanting more!

Silky Siren

Get ready to explore quintessential Lady Liquid movements! Experience the epitome of Sultry Slink at its finest!

Learn to radiate regal stature, where every gesture resonates with elegance. We will meld minds and stretch time! Learn to lean into your strengths to define your unique stage presence!

We will use drills to break through your own mental limitations and learn to exude such presence you imprint on the minds of your audience with real staying power! Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a novice explorer, the Silky Siren Workshop invites you to embrace the artistry of Lady Liquid slink and discover the boundless possibilities!

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Yuka began taking her very first FatChanceBellyDance®Style classes at the FCBD® studio in 2010 and quickly became one of the obsessed students in the studio!  Showing up to classes three or four times per week to receive extensive instruction from her master teacher, Carolena Nericcio, and all the FCBD® instructors allowed her to gain an excellent knowledge of not only the movements but also the aesthetic of FCBD®.

Yuka became a certified FCBD® instructor and member of FatChanceBellyDance® in 2015 and has been teaching and performing domestically and internationally. She loves to continue studying to become a better dancer day by day, and sharing her passion for FCBD® with everyone!


FCBD® Style with Yuka: Crash Course (open to all)

Are you new to FatChanceBellyDance®Style (FCBD®Style, formerly "ATS") bellydance? Or are you experienced with this style, and curious to refine your moves? Then come learn (more) about this dynamic and elegant group improvisational dance form! During this class, you’ll get a handle on the classic slow and fast movements, as well as formation and transition concepts to get you started dancing, or refine what you already do.  Immerse yourself in the magic of dancing in a friendly group setting, deepening your skills and sharing our knowledge; there’s nothing that compares to it! 

Beyond the Quartet: Dueling Duets and Rush Hour! (open to all)  

Let's explore formations beyond the standard Quartet! With four dancers, more dynamic and complex formations can be brought on the stage to wow the audience. During this class, we will learn, practice and refine your skills with Dueling Duets and Rush Hour formations.

Dueling Duets changes our orientation, with two duets facing each other, allowing for call and response and other dynamics between dancers.  Rush Hour splits these two duets a different way.  Once you try these fun formations, you’ll want to do them all the time!

What to bring

Zills, notebook, pen, full skirt, choli or dance top, pantaloons (optional), towel, water.

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