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The Story of The Belly Dance Guild

The Belly Dance Guild did not emerge from a dream but rather from a persistent frustration that gnawed at Sidahlia's belly dance enthusiast heart. She was exasperated by the constant struggle to find and attend belly dancing events that suited her busy schedule, and the absence of a central hub for event listings was the source of her vexation.

One day, as the frustration reached its peak, an idea sparked in her mind: "What if there was a community calendar where teachers and event organizers could seamlessly share their events, accessible to all?" It was a notion that struck a chord with a few fellow dancers she discussed it with, but it remained an ephemeral thought until she shared it with Petra.

In Petra, Sidahlia found not just a confidant but a willing partner to turn this dream into a tangible reality. The two embarked on a journey that would change the belly dance community forever.

Their inspiration took root during excursions to Portland, Oregon, where they encountered the thriving belly dance community fostered by the Portland Belly Dance Guild (which has sadly since closed). The idea began to take shape, and soon they started conducting meetings with like-minded individuals within the Bay Area belly dance scene. The vision for The Belly Dance Guild began to materialize. However, their progress was abruptly halted when, like so many other ventures, the onset of COVID-19 forced them to suspend their work.

Despite the pandemic's challenges, Petra's unwavering determination led them to persevere. They recruited Stacy and Karen, bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the table. It took four long years of planning, overcoming obstacles, and adapting to changing circumstances, but the frustration that had fueled their journey was finally giving way to the realization of their dream. The Belly Dance Guild was reborn and thriving, a testament to the power of persistence and community spirit.

The Story of our Logo

As The Belly Dance Guild Steering Committee brainstormed the essence of their organization, they envisioned a logo that would capture the very spirit that brought them together. The challenge was to encapsulate the dynamic energy of belly dance and the richness of their diverse community within a single, iconic symbol.

The logo, designed by Gobsmacked, incorporates curved lines and dots done in the jewel-toned color palette of lapis, ruby, emerald, topaz and turquoise. The curved lines embody the fluidity of movement – the graceful arcs a representation of dancers in motion and the melody of music. Each line tells a story, a unique expression of the individuals who lend their talents and energy to the community.

And the dots. Each tiny speckle stands for an individual, a member, a piece of the colorful tapestry that is our diverse community. Every dot representing the myriad personalities that contribute to the collective whole. Yet, these dots do not remain isolated; they gather around the curves, forming constellations of unity, illustrating that even in their diversity, they are bound by the same love for movement, and music, and dance.

And so, the logo became more than a mere design – it became a beacon. A beacon that reminds all who see it that through movement, through dance, through music, and through the diverse individuals who came together, the beauty of unity can be celebrated and shared, forever capturing the essence of our remarkable journey.

The Belly Dance Guild is a registered
501c(7) non-profit  organization.
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