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Why is there a membership fee?

Providing a consistent, cohesive stream of information has a cost!  We have a professional website, use software purpose-built to help non-profits organize and build their membership and capabilities, integrate with an easy-to-use calendar, and are a government-registered non-profit organization.  We built this so the organization will have the infrastructure to make it easy for others to step into roles and continue to build our reach and scope.  

Most of us regularly pay $5 or more for a coffee drink at our favorite cafes.  Putting just a fraction of your monthly drink budget to your membership will help us build a support and social network that benefits you and all your dancer and musician friends.  And, our community is worth it!


We offer two levels of membership: General and Professional.

The General membership level is for anyone who is, or is interested in becoming, involved in the Belly Dance Community (e.g. students, fans, hobbyists, etc.).

The Professional membership level is for Artisans, Teachers, and Professional Dancers, Vendors, and Service Providers (photographers, etc.), .


Your general membership includes:


As a valued member, you gain access to exclusive discounts on the following:

  • Guild-sponsored Events and Workshops,
  • Select vendors, classes and events offered by fellow members.


As a member, you'll have the advantage of priority access to performance slots during Guild Events.

This opportunity will be facilitated through an application process, ensuring equitable rotation, and subject to availability of spaces.

The Guild

Membership Privileges Include:

  • Eligibility to run for a Council office,
  • Voting rights on significant Guild matters, including the election of Council members,
  • Exclusive access to Board Meeting Minutes and Standing Rules.

    Being a member makes you eligible to:

    • Run for Council office,
    • Vote on major Guild decisions, including Council members.
    • It also gives you access to the Board Meeting Minutes, andStanding Rules.


    Exclusive Benefits for Guild Members:

    • Membership Directory access,
    • Professionals Directory access,
    • Members Forum participation,
    • Private Facebook Group membership,

    In addition, you gain access to these valuable resources:

    • Peer Guidance and Mentorship*
    • Community Guidelines**
    • Professional Resources***

    Upgrade to a Professional membership to get these additional benefits:

    Calendar Listings

    Showcase your classes, workshops or events on our dedicated Guild community calendar, accessible to both members and the wider public.


    • Complimentary promotion of your business, classes, and more on exclusive member webpages.
    • Publicized exposure on the Guild website and social media platforms for your business or classes, in exchange for member-discounted offerings.
    • Authorization to feature the Guild logo on your promotional materials and social media profiles.


    Incorporate your business website and contact details into the Professionals Directory, facilitating convenient outreach from potential customers.

    Ready to join?  

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    The Belly Dance Guild is a registered
    501c(7) non-profit  organization.
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