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Performer Information


  • We have about 40 acts scheduled! Please see the Gilded Raqs Schedule page for your time, there will be a more detailed timeline sent out later.  Performance times are subject to change.
  • Animals and open flames are not permitted at the Hoover Theatre.
  • Please be mindful of others and refrain from using perfumes or strong fragrances.
  • Performances must be appropriate for a general audience.
  • Check in with the registration desk at least 1 hour before your performance time, and be ready to dance ½ hour before your performance time in case we are running early.
  • Performances begin in the theater at 12:00 noon and finish at 7:30pm. 
  • Stage dimensions: 
  • Proscenium (front of stage) Opening: 28’ 6”
    • Curtain Line to Back Wall: 22’ 3”
    • Sound/Light Booth to Stage: 54’
    • Stage Floor to Ceiling:  13’ 11”
    • Stage Height: 30”
  • The stage surface is wood.
  • The theater seats up to 200 people - invite your friends!  They can order tickets in advance here!


  • The following items must be sent to Karen Stevens no later than Wednesday, March 20:   
    • Your music in MP3 format;
    • The length of your performance;
    • If you are beginning your performance on stage or off stage;
    • Your introductions/bios for your stage performance and the program. Please keep your intro to no more than 5-6 sentences.
  • Our Music Maestro, John Francis Maggio, will be managing sound.


                • All participants grant The Belly Dance Guild the right to use images and video captured at the event for promotional purposes.  
                • Carl Sermon will be providing professional photo and video services; you can sign up to get your performance video/photos directly with him (for his customary cost).
                • Personal photos and videos are allowed, but flash photography is not allowed.  Please do not disrupt performers, patrons or the professional photographer.

                Dressing Rooms

                • There are two professional dressing rooms off stage left with plenty of room for performers.  Dressing rooms contain dressing tables, fully-lit makeup mirrors, racks, chairs, a dedicated and spacious restroom, and water.
                • Please be respectful and keep our dressing rooms in good order and refrain from using hair sprays, perfume, etc., since some people are sensitive to them. 


                Workshop pricing is $29/workshop for Guild members and $36/workshop for non-members; you can register here.  Please use the “Workshop Only” selection since your admission is free.  The descriptions of the workshops and bios for the teachers is here.


                  • 10:00am “Filigree - Fine technique and intricate combinations”
                  • 11:00am “Flourish - Grand, maximalist technique and combinations”

                Sadira Lady Liquid: 

                  • 10:00am “Command Your Stage”
                  • 11:00am “Slinky Siren”
                  • 10:00am “FCBD® Style with Yuka: Crash Course” (open to all)
                  • 11:00am “Beyond the Quartet: Dueling Duets and Rush Hour!” (open to all)

                Please Promote Yourself…and the Event!

                We’ve created frames for all performers to use on your social posts!  You can download yours from the Google Drive folder that was linked in your email.  If your frame is missing, it’s because we don’t have a photo of you; please send one to Karen’s email address, below.  If you’d like to change your photo, just send us a new one to the same address.

                Items & Properties

                The Belly Dance Guild and the Hoover Theatre are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Participants are encouraged to secure their own property.  


                • Sam’s Deli will have tasty Middle Eastern food available for purchase at the event, as well as water and coffee/tea.
                • Starbucks and Park Station Hashery, with food and adult beverages, are located on corners across from the theater.


                Vendors will be open for shopping from 10:00am to 7:30pm. They will be located in the Hoover lobby halls, the greenroom/kitchen, and the courtyard (not in the performance theater)

                Grab your golden opportunity to dance
                at the Gilded Raqs Belly Dance Festival on April 6, 2024
                in the Historic Hoover Theatre in San Jose, CA.

                REGISTER HERE

                Information about the stage, entrances, dressing rooms etc are here.

                Performer Registration

                Guild Member registration begins on February 6.

                Non-Member registration begins on February 8.  

                There are a limited number of performance spaces and a waitlist will be available once spaces are filled.

                Registration Cost (must be paid at the time of registration):

                Guild Member - $6.00/person
                Non-Guild Member - $10.00/person

                Performance Time Maximums:

                Solo performances - 6 minutes
                Duet and Trio performances - 8 minutes
                Troupe performances - 12 minutes
                Live Band Performances (2pm-3pm and 5pm-6pm) - 7-12 minutes

                Payment must be received in full in order to reserve your space and any cancellations must be made at least 14 days before the Festival.

                Duets and Trios my register as Guild Members if all the members are Guild members, and can register individually or as guests of one of the members. Troupes may register as Guild Members if the troupe director and at least 50% of the troupe are Guild Members. Troupe directors should complete the registration and add all of their troupe members as guests, so that they can receive the membership price.

                All members of troupes must register, either individually or as guests of the director.

                If you wish to perform to live music with Pangia, please include the 2pm-3pm and 5pm-6pm hours.  Because there is limited space for live music dancing, you must also indicate another preferred hour for recorded music.

                The Belly Dance Guild is a registered
                501c(7) non-profit  organization.
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